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SABATIER, a french brand, a Thiers’ brand

The Sabatier knife was born in Thiers’ Basin at the beginning of the 19th century . It carries the name of a local family whose ancestors created a shape of knife destinated especially to professionals in catering ( Butchers, restaurateur…).

It appeared at a time when brand protection did not exist. In this way, several companies hold rights on the Sabatier brand accompaning it with a word or a logo, symbol of the manufacturer. In 1964, the patronimic name became a protected brand, and in 1979, the original owners of a Sabatier brand decided to gather in an association to combine their forces to prevent from new registrations by others and to defend the attached values to this brand.

Since 1812, the SABATIER LION BRAND made knives in the respect of tradition and know-how of its illustrious predecessors.