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2Lions Sabatier TOLEDE/YSIS Block + 5 cooking knives

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– Chef knife 20 cm

– Bread knife 20 cm

– Carving knife 20 cm

– Utility knife 13 cm

– Paring knife 9 cm


The steel we use for our blades is composed of carbon for the hardness and chromium for the stainless (X50CrMoV15), insuring so an excellent cutting.


Our knives are made for food use only. They can be washed in a dishwasher, although we recommend washing them by hand and drying them immediately with a soft cloth. Indeed, the chemicals used in many dishwasher powders and detergents can cause harm to metals, particularly when different types of cutlery (knives and forks plus kitchen knives) are in the dishwasher together. There is then a risk of leaving marks on the metal blade of the knives. Also the pressure of the water jets can spoil the blade.

To maintain the sharpness of the blade we recommend a steel to be used regularly. This will keep it as sharp as the first time it was used.

We recommend using our traditional sharpening steels or our special sharpener the CARBCUT 2.

Always keep away from children.