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This tracking tool has been provided by a third independent party. We have no influence on this information nor can we change the information.

As such none of the information generated could be used for any claims. We shall have no liability for the information stated by the third party or the tool.

The information is purely informative to assist in the status of any shipments.

  • Postal Services nor us will contact receiver before delivery or PO BOX pickup by phone or e-mail
  • Please keep in mind that items sent internationally must first clear customs. Depending upon volumes, delays may occur.
  • We cannot intervene in the customs process nor can the postal administration of the destination country.
  • Depending on the destination country various hubs might be used during the process
  • We are not responsible, nor can we influence the tracking that is being used by the Postal Services
  • You could always contact the local Postal Services for an update on your shipment
  • Some destination countries are using their own local tracking number, it is possible that this is not connected to the original tracking number. We have no possibility to connect these number nor we have tools to inform the receiver about this
  • After an unsuccessful delivery attempt, the package will only stay for a limited at the local Postal Office. This time depends on the regulations in the destination country, the package might be returned to our warehouse
  • Be aware that your purchase comes with 1 (one) shipment attempt.

In regards to your order, please take note that the purchase – points, cash or any other means – of your order includes the cost of the product and the shipping charges only, and that depending on the destination country custom duties might apply to the goods being imported. The amount may vary from country to country. We advise you to contact the relevant local Duty Offices before you would make an order.

If your order will not be picked up or delivered at your address , the logistics company will abandon your order. It will not be possible to redeem the costs of your purchase.

Of course we do our utmost best to make sure you receive the correct item in the condition as we have promised, but sometimes things do go wrong, even for us.

Please see our Returns & Exchanges page if something has gone wrong.

Contact us as soon as possible by e-mail on

Unfortunately your order has been received and processed in the time when the COVID19 situation arises in most countries.This is affecting Postal Deliveries & Couriers worldwide, and is a constant challenge for all forwarders to find routes to distribute any packages as they are usually using Passenger planes to move the goods, packages and letter between countries. 

As you might be aware, many countries are in lockdown, airports are closed, airlines are not flying, and freight is being prioritised to Medical supplies for example. 

From our side, we have processed, packed and shipped your purchase, it has left our warehouse as you can see from the tracking. 

The situation is changing very fast in each country, where there are limited resources for delivery, tracking might not be up-to-date and priorities for any couriers are with the wellbeing of their employees. It might also result in different delivery processes where social distancing is applied.

Please follow your shipment as good as possible and stay informed about the courier and nationwide precautions that have been taken. 

We do understand that this is testing your patience, but the situation is beyond our control and we are asking your patience for the delivery.

We wish that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy in these times.  

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