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Therme Beauty Care Gift Set Toscana Secret XL

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The best olive varieties come from the Tuscany region. The soil, the amount of sunshine and the amount of rain during the growing season makes this area the ideal environment for the growth of olives. The use of olives as a care product is one of the beauty secrets from Italy. An olive works as a natural moisture  for the skin and provides a soft, hydrated skin. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin E and antioxidants.


The luxurious products of Therme® Toscana Secret are enriched with olive and basil oil. Enjoy the smell that awakens nature. Wonderfully fresh through the usage of citrus of bergamot and extra green through the iris and olive. The ‘woody’ accents make the fragrance complete.


The products are free of SLS, SLES, dyes, parabens and mineral oils.


This set includes:

– Body Exfoliator 250 ml

– Nourishing Shower Oil 200 ml

– Moisturizing Cream Shower 200 ml

– Body Butter 250 g

– Shimmer Body Oil 100 ml

– Fragrance Sticks 100 ml