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Therme Beauty Care Gift Set Cleopatra’s Secret L

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The Egyptian queen Cleopatra has been admired for her beauty for centuries.

This dazzling beauty she owed to a number of amazing

beauty rituals. One of her most famous beauty secrets was sleeping with a golden mask on her face. She owed her beautiful silky soft skin to the use of milk, honey and aloe vera.


The luxurious products of Therme® Cleopatra’s Secret are enriched with honey and aloe vera and it’s fragrance resembles a mix of flowers, the freshness of orange, peach and the softness of honey.


The products are free of SLS, SLES, dyes, parabens and mineral oils.


This set includes:

– Body Exfoliator 250 ml

– Moisturizing Cream Shower 200 ml

– Body Butter 250 ml

– Fragrance Sticks 100 ml