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Senz Umbrella XL

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The senz° xl is the greatest performer of the senz° family. It easily slices through all winds, from an afternoon breeze to strong autumn gusts. Due to its aerodynamic design, the senz° umbrella always finds the best position in the wind. That makes it exceptionally comfortable to use this umbrella, even in strong gales. The light but very strong frame prevents the senz° from turning inside out and makes it windproof up to 100 km/h. The senz° original is equipped with a UV protection of UPF 50+, to provide you the best possible protection during all seasons!

The senz° xl is the bigger brother of the senz° original umbrella, winner of all major design awards in the world! Its ‘eyesavers’ protect your eyes and its smooth oval shaft matches seamlessly with the aerodynamic design of the umbrella. The innovative opening mechanism has been smoothly integrated in the handle to create a unique experience. Last but not least, its unique shape provides you a perfect visibility, combined with the best possible rain protection.

– Stormproof up to 100 km/h
– 2 year storm warranty
– UV protective UPF50+ canopy
– Unique eyesavers at the end tips
– Extra protection due to the extra large canopy

NB: the XL is a stick umbrella and will not collapse to bag size.

Enjoy the weather, it makes senz°!