Nedis WiFi Smart Plug | Power Monitor | 3680W | 16A


Switch any product with a Nedis Smart power plug (e.g. a light, radio, fan, kettle, heated blanket) easily from your smartphone wherever you are or with a simple voice command to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa device.

Nedis Smart Power Plug Monitor 3680W 16A


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Switch any product with a Nedis power plug (e.g. a light, radio, fan, kettle, heated blanket) easily from your smartphone wherever you are or with a simple voice command to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa device.
Besides controlling it live you can also set a schedule to switch on/off at preferred times, or based on sunrise/sunset. This can be done for your own convenience when you’re at home, or to simulate your presence while you’re actually away from home to deter burglars.
By combining multiple smart plugs or other products from the Nedis SmartLife assortment you can create smart scenes that can be activated at once, or automations that are triggered by a camera, button, motion sensor or smoke detector.

Timer and schedule function
Thanks to the timer function, your devices switch off automatically or you can set a weekly schedule to turn the device on and off. This saves time and of course a lot of energy, because your devices only run when you really need them. In the Nedis SmartLife app you can easily create schedules for when you are not home or on vacation. You can switch on a lamp or the TV to simulate your presence and deters burglars from breaking in.

Power meter function
The integrated power meter allows you to watch both the live and previous power measurements of the smart plug, so you can see how much electricity a product is using or has been using for each day of the last year.
Furthermore you can set the power meter as a trigger to control another smart device or to send you a push message on your phone to inform you when the washing machine is finished, or when it uses more energy than usually which can indicate on required maintenance.

Voice control
You can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant or Siri to control the connected devices and switch on the television or the light without having to get up from the comfortable chair or sofa.

Easy to set up
You don’t need to be a technical genius or an electrician to control and automate your plugged-in appliances and devices. All you need is a Smart Plug and your Wi-Fi router. Our intuitive app will give you the ability to switch appliances on and off remotely and automatically.

• Smart power plug socket to switch lights or appliances on or off quickly and easily
• Easy to connect directly into your Wi-Fi network – no separate hub required
• Space-saving design does not cover any adjacent switches or sockets
• Use the Nedis® SmartLife app to set timers or schedules for switching on/off automatically
• Possible to turn on/off manually
• Measures power consumption in real time
• Suitable for all devices up to 3680 watts such as consumer electronics, washing machines, dryers
• Supports voice control – in combination with Amazon Alexa or Google Home and Siri
• Can be used as a stand-alone product or can connect easily with other Nedis® SmartLife products

Product specifications

Width 55 mm
Height 82 mm
Depth 55 mm
Weight 84 g
Colour White
Material Plastic
Compatible with Nedis® SmartLife
Maximum transmit power 16 dBm
Power meter Yes
Device power input connection(s) Hybrid (CEE 7/7)
Output power 3680 W
Input current 16 A
Maximum transmit antenna gain 1 dBi
Kind of grounding Side Contacts
App available for Android™
Power plug Type F (CEE 7/7)
Packaging Gift Box with Euro Lock
Output current 16 A
Supported wireless technology Wi-Fi
Device power output connection(s) Type F (CEE 7/3)
Number of Products in Package 1 pcs
Operating temperature range 0 – 55 °C
Transmit frequency range 2100 – 2484 MHz
Input voltage 220 – 240 V AC
SmartLife Yes



Dimensions 16 × 7 × 11 cm


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