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  • Ice Cream Popsickles Shapes Kit Iconic Lekue
  • Ice Cream Popsickles Shapes Kit Iconic Lekue
  • Ice Cream Popsickles Shapes Kit Iconic Lekue
  • Ice Cream Popsickles Shapes Kit Iconic Lekue

Lékué Ice Cream Mould – Ice Cream Moulds 4pcs

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Lékué Iconic Ice Cream Shapes Mould 4pcs

Lékué Ice Cream Mould

Product Information

Now you can enjoy the most famous ice creams but made with natural ingredients. Their horizontal position allows for easier and more stable refilling. Lid to protect ice cream from freezer odors and flavors. It includes easy recipes — including lactose-free recipes — and a stick for each mould. Buy them separately and choose your favorite colors or buy the kit with all four colors together.

We grow up eating ice creams and, with time, many actually become classics in our lives. Recover them with Iconic Ice Creams and open the door of your home to them! With these entertaining moulds you can make them yourself in a simple manner and of your favourite flavours. This also includes quick preparation recipes without gluten or lactose so that nobody misses out enjoying the wittiest shapes made ice cream! Make dessert or tea time also a time to play!

Lékué Ice Cream Mould Product Features

  • Product focused on families with children, who appreciate the “”homemade”” concept
  • Healthier and more natural
  • Ideal as a playful activity
  • Easier filling in horizontal position
  • Stacked on top of each other to save storage space
  • Flexible for easy de-moulding
  • Includes a stick
  • The lid prevents the ice creams from smells and flavors in the freezer
  • BPA free
  • 100% Platinum Silicone and PP Plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: Pencil 50 ml; Spiral 55 ml; Foot 55 ml and Rocket 60 ml


  • Material:100% Platinum Silicone + PP
  • Dimension’s mm L115 – W56/73 – H26/30
  • Temperature:-20ºC / +100ºC
  • Suitable for: Freezer, dishwasher
  • Capacity:55 ml (x4)