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Janzen Loving Moments Gift Set

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Nothing is nicer than love, packaged in a wonderful set just like Janzen Loving Moments Gift Set. Filled with everything you need for a fresh start of the day, Janzen Loving Moments Gift Set is packaged and given with love. It is just a lovely gift!

There are 3 different exclusive Fragrance collections : Coral, Gray, Sun.

Coral – Exotic Flowers & Saffron

With a saffron and amber base this perfume symbolizes diversity. Powerful and herby on the one hand, soft and sultry on the other. A lively marriage between sweet and (slightly) bitter. Apart from saffron and amber it also has nuances of exotic flowers. Pure luxury in this charming fragrance that makes you forget place and time.

Sun – Lemon & Yellow Iris

Sultry as a summer breeze, elegant as the most beautiful flower on the waterside. At once also light and fresh, like a new beginning. This perfume catches summer in a jar, gives you a sunny feeling all year round. With touches of citrus, jasmine, amber, musk, exotic blossoms and the beautiful yellow iris, named after the goddess of the rainbow. Surround yourself with all the beauty of nature. Magical.

Gray – Cedar & Sandalwood

Unique and tough, elegant and timeless. This is a fragrance for the self-confident man or woman. An earthy perfume based on resin and wood chippings, accompanied by Atlas cedar and balsamic of Australian sandalwood. With touches of teak and guayacan (South American type of wood)

Set Includes

  • Shower Gel: 250 ml
  • Deodorant Spray: 150 ml
  • Mini Shampoo: 35 ml
  • Mini Conditioner: 35 ml