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Janzen Complete Moments Giftset

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Pure indulgence and luxury: Janzen Complete Moments Giftset comes with five sensational body products, turning each bathroom moment into a complete wellness experience. Janzen gift set deserves a high five!

Janzen Complete Moments Giftset comes in 4 different exclusive fragrance collections as  Black, Earth, Skin and Orange.

Black – Bergamot & Tonka Beans

This perfume is a rich bouquet of, among others, bergamot and spices, tropical bark and sweet tonka beans – also known as the ‘forbidden fruit’. Sensual and mysterious, pragmatic and stylish. An immaculate, almost hypnotising aroma that suits the modern man or woman.

Earth – Green Amber & Leatherwood

Perfume with character. Herby, warm, rich and leathery, with a sweet undertone. This impressive fragrance brings it all together: earth, water, fire and air. Spectacular and exciting. The tough, earthy and natural ingredients [nutmeg, apple, clove, sandalwood, amber, vanilla and patchouli] offer a powerful interplay. A perfume to wear with pride.

Skin – White Lily & Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom almost has a holy status in Japan. With its light pink leaves and pleasant fragrance the tree is a true feast for the senses. In this perfume the subtleness of cherry blossom is alternated with the freshness of the lily and the powerfulness of the tonka bean. Also in this bouquet: fragments of pear, apple, raspberry and vanilla.

Orange – Fresh Rose & Mandarin

An aroma like a long summer day: light and cheerful, irresistible and filled with expectation. This passionate fragrance is filled with touches of flowers and fruit. Mandarin and vanilla, jasmine and rose… refined with a touch of coconut, bergamot, sandalwood and the eccentric heliotrope. A sunny friend for all.

Each set Includes:

  • Shower Foam, 200 ml
  • Deodorant Spray, 150 ml
  • Hand Cream, 75 ml
  • Body Lotion, 250 ml
  • Hand Wash, 250 ml