Hama WLAN LED Lamp, GU10, 5.5 W, RGBW


The Hama WLAN LED Lamp fulfils all the lighting requirements conveniently via app and voice control transforming your home into a smart home.



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Romantic mood, party lighting, color therapy or perfect light for working? The smart lamp fulfills all of these requirements in one luminaire – conveniently via app and voice control. Whether a ceiling lamp, floor lamp or bedside lamp – simply replace the previous bulb with the WLAN bulb and your lighting will be smart with many different light effects. Your home can be transformed into a smart home piece by piece without any structural effort.

Control the light via app or Alexa – this WiFi lamp illuminates your own four walls with a very special light atmosphere: whether relaxing green or imaginative violet, brightly lit or dimmed to create a mood – controlled comfortably from the sofa with the WiFi lamp.



  • Our WLAN light bulb works entirely without a gateway (hub): You do not need any additional device and you save additional costs, as the WLAN lamp establishes a direct WiFi connection to the router
  • Smart color frenzy: Choose from 16 million colors exactly the right one for your mood or your occasion – e.g. lively orange for the start of the day or a colorful change of color for the party
  • Step by step to the smart home: With the Hama Smart Home app, you can expand and network your smart home with any number of Hama Smart Home products
  • Whether sofa or S-Bahn: with the Hama Smart Home app, you can control the WiFi LED lamp from anywhere and have control over your lighting at all times
  • Whether Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant: Use voice control to conveniently control a wide variety of lighting effects with the smart lamp



  • Smart lighting control with the WLAN LED lamp in reflector form: light dispensers, effect lighting or create special lighting atmospheres – very easily via app or voice control, e.g. choose from 16 million colors, dim or change the color temperature
  • Easy installation in your own WiFi network: As no hub is required, you can set up your devices within a few minutes
  • High compatibility: works with Amazon Alexa , Google Assistant, iOS and Android, and all smart home products from other manufacturers that are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant can be linked
  • Create a wide variety of lighting scenarios with the app: e.g. continuous dimming with a warm white color temperature for a cozy atmosphere or daylight for cooking or working
  • Color temperature: 2700K warm white – 6500K daylight
  • Time control: You specify in the app when the WLAN bulb should switch on and off, for example
  • With your devices integrated into the WLAN, groups can be created or scenes can be created, e.g. the smart LED lamp can be coupled with a motion detector
  • In this way, you can save energy with targeted control of your lighting, even when you are out and about, if you forget to switch off the light, because you are always informed about the current status via app or push notification
  • Your data will only be saved on German servers



  • 1 WLAN LED lamp
  • 1 quick start guide



  • Operating system: Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or later



As an extension, there is the option of controlling the devices with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (both available separately).

Amazon Alexa:
To do this, the so-called Alexa skill “Hama Smart Solution” must be activated in the Alexa app. Here the user account of the Hama Smart Home app is connected to Alexa .
This enables the devices to be controlled by voice control (e.g. switching on / off, continuously dimming, changing colors).

Google Assistant:
To do this, the “Hama Smart Solution” service must be activated in the Google Home app. The user account of the Hama Smart Home app is then connected to Google here.
This enables the devices to be controlled by voice control (e.g. switching on / off, continuously dimming, changing colors).



Connectivity (Connection)
Signal transmission WiFi
Layout (color, design, motif, series)
Color rendering index RA (min.) 80
Light color Multi-color
Product area Home & Living
Electrospecific properties
Radiated maximum transmission power 0.1 W
Start-up time until 95% of
the full luminous flux is achieved
0.1 s
Design half-value angle 120 °
Rated useful luminous flux 400 in
Operating voltage 230 V
EAR Reg.No. DE 38720470
Electrical power factor of the lamp (min.) 0.5
Color consistency 2.9
Frequency band 2.4GHz
Early failure rate 3%
Weighted energy consumption 5.5 kWh / 1000h
Lumen maintenance at 6000h 0.8
Rated power consumption 5.5 W
Grid frequency 50 Hz
Nominal half-value angle 120 °
Nominal useful luminous flux 400 lm
Rated service life 25000 h
Rated power consumption 5.5 W
Energy efficiency class A + (scale from A ++ to E, best value is A ++)
Lamp luminous flux factor at the end of the nominal service life (min.) 0.7
Lamp current 48 mA
Physical Properties
Art 230V LED lamp
Burning position 360 °
Dimmable Yes
Dimming control App
Heat sink / housing Aluminum with a plastic coating
Lamp life factor at 6000h (min.) 0.9
Lamp base GU 10
Number of LEDs 12
Power consumption of an equivalent incandescent lamp 40 W
Light output 73 lm / W
Nominal life 25000 h
Optimal ambient temperature 25 ° C
RA value 80
voice control Amazon Alexa (AVS), Google Home
Number of switching cycles until premature failure (min.) 12500
Ignition time (max.) 0.1 s
Dimension & Weight
Design / diameter / height PAR 16/50 mm / 56.5 mm
Net weight 28 gr
Disposal recommendation Recycling via recycling center or collection point
Field of use
App control Hama Smart Home
Recommended use Home assistant
Suitable for accent lighting No – half-value angle between 120 ° and 360 ° (Φuse)
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