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  • Cable Ties Coloured Headphone HAMA
  • Cable Ties Coloured Headphone HAMA
  • Cable Ties Coloured Headphone HAMA
  • Cable Ties Coloured Headphone HAMA

Hama Hook and Loop Cable Ties, 215 mm, coloured, 5pcs.

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Fix, bundle and fasten with Hama!

  • Do you have cables, lines, tubes, hoses and more in need of permanent fixing, bundling or fastening?  Then Hama has the perfect product for you: Hook and Loop Straps, 5 pieces! Hama Hook and Loop Straps are ideal for cables or lines which need to be bundled, fastened or fixed together.
  • The durable soft and flexible nylon synthetic construction makes them ideal for usage with notebook accessories like power supplies, mice, keypads, wire locks etc and the paractical eyelet design allows for the strap to be directly attached to the cable with the hook and loop system, which means that the strap will not be lost and will remain in the intended place; you can then wrap the rest of the strap around the bundled up cable and securely fasten. The cable ties also allow you to loosen and re-tighten the cable ties should you need to add another cable, tube or line.
  • This is ideal for such appliances as mobile phone chargers with an extra long wire which constantly gets in the way, or car cigarette lighter chargers to prevent excess cable hanging around in your car and potentially affecting the way you drive. The Hama hook and loop cable ties come in 5 classic colours including blue, yellow, red, green and black and come with a header card and can be used for exterior or interior use.
  • The hook and loop cable ties from Hama offer you a quick, easy, full proof way of keeping your cables neat and tidy, preventing the chance of tripping accidents as well as making your house, office or garden look that little bit neater!
  • Size & Weight
    • Width x Length 1.6 x 21,5 cm
    • Max. Bundle Diameter 6 cm
    • Set with 5 different colours.