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EzyRoller Classic – Red

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This is our most popular ride-on vehicle.

The Ezyroller moves like a snake without chains, pedals or batteries. No need for a downhill slope to move forward. Just an easy gentle swinging movement on the front paddle generates forward momentum. The child also uses their feet to steer the Ezyroller. It is super-easy and super-fun! We have yet to meet a child who is not riding and having fun in under 1 minute. The Ezyroller can be ridden on any hard surface, indoors and outdoors.

Sweeping across playgrounds and sidewalks of the world is a riding machine that fearlessly lets you curve your way. It’s called the EzyRoller. Smooth riding artistry that’s so much carefree fun, it leaves pretenders in its wake and has any kid from 4 to 40 hooked.

What makes EzyRoller such a blast?
It’s an addiction to the motion. Like a fish through water or a snake on land, Ezyroller works off an instinctive reptilian movement in all of us. Sitting low to the ground with hands free, the body shouts orders and the legs and feet answer, pushing back and forth against a foot bar.

It’s also clever, with an extendable bar
so it grows with its owner. And the assembly is so easy – 5 minutes until you’re up and at it.
Alongside the original, there’s now a range of EzyRollers to suit little tykes, teens and adults. And for the daredevil in all of us, there’s the Drifter.

Watch your child’s imagination soar as they invent all sorts of things to do with their free hands – towing other wheelies, chucking balls to one another, chalking the pavement. EzyRoller is truly a celebration of liberated imagination and the play possibilities are endless.

In seconds you’re away, sweeping and swerving, darting and ducking, carving turns up and down the asphalt. Whether you’re a fast and furious racer, a smooth cruiser or an artful dodger, it’s dead easy and you’re addicted in seconds. As are the onlookers – heads turn and kids crowd round to have their go.

Ezyroller Classic Features:
– Low center of gravity for a safer, reassuring ride.
– Sturdy all-steel frame with reinforced solder points.
– Handbrake with longer lever for easier and safer operation.
– Two steel extensions included so that Ezyroller can grow with your child.
– SAFE ” Sunshine” wheels with unique design so kids cannot put their fingers through the spokes (Note: The main image above does not show the “Sunshine” wheels. Check out the extra image in the gallery).
– Ezyroller takes great pride in ensuring the paint on the vehicle meets all safety standards (non-toxic). AS_NZS8124 Safety standard approved.
– A full english product leaflet with assembly tool (you have only ONE bolt to screw in).
– Wheels are non marking so can be used indoors.
– Beautiful box which is easy to wrap and post (7.5 kilos). Will delight when opened!