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CrushGrind Brazil Coffee Grinder

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Brazil coffee grinder consists of a grinder and a base. The base holds product firmly at an ergonomic angle that makes grinding easy. You fill the coffee beans into the container by taking off handling and lifting up the lid. Set the grinder at your preferred coarseness. Fix the clear container onto the grinder by rotating/pressing. Place product in the base – fix the pin into the hole of the base. Place handle on the product. Now grind until all beans have been used. Brew your coffee – and enjoy!

The story of CrushGrind® Coffee

Grinding coffee was a natural continuation to our Crushgrind® spice grinder technology

Our ambition was to develop the most efficient ceramic grinder for whole coffee beans. We wanted to achieve the right balance between output and force needed.

Moreover we focused on the uniformity of ground coffee as it impacts the bitterness of the coffee.

The coarseness can be set anywhere between French Press and Turkish quality.

CrushGrind® Coffee has been developed in co-operation with Kristian Laegdsgaard. CrushGrind® Coffee is patent pending invention by IDEAS Denmark A/S

Why CrushGrind® Coffee

  • The Hi-Tech ceramic used inside the grinder is a natural material which does not transfer metal taste to the coffee
  • It releases the essential oils inside the coffee bean
  • CrushGrind® Coffee is 2-5 times more efficient than other market products
  • Precise and easy coarseness adjustment, can grind any quality from Turkish to French Press
  • Low thermal expansion of ceramic grinding parts results in uniform grinding, which is important to avoid weak or bitter tasting coffee
  • The ceramic parts can be dismantled for thorough clean
  • Patent pending innovation

The authentic flavour of coffee

  • The coffee flavour and freshness lies in the essential oils of the unground coffee bean
  • Oils are released by grinding the bean
  • The flavour and freshness is activated by grinding
  • After grinding, the oils quickly start evaporating
  • Coffee beans consists of 800 different compounds which contribute to their flavour. 50% of these will evaporate within 30 minutes after grinding
  • Therefore, grinding must take place just before brewing the coffee
  • This results in not only more flavour, but also a more fresh and authentic flavour