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  • Cake Boss Fondant Ribbon Cutter
  • Cake Boss Fondant Ribbon Cutter

Cake Boss Fondant Ribbon Cutter

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Fondant decoration is easier and more fun than ever with the Cake Boss™ Fondant Ribbon Cutter that makes multiple strips of decorative fondant, gum paste, pastry or even cookie dough strips.

The fondant ribbon cutter set includes four full sets of wheels for cutting ribbon, straight, small and large fluted strips, along with two sets of spacers and locking rings, all conveniently packaged in a handy tin box.

The fondant cutter is made from sturdy, durable plastic and its parts are easy to use: slip the wheels and spacers onto the cutter roller, and secure them in place with the locking rings, and unlock to slide them off. It works with thick and thin rolled fondant, as well as gum paste, pastry and even cookie dough. Different wheels can be used in combination, and fewer rings can be used when necessary.

This Cake Boss fondant ribbon cutter features:

  • Clear and flexible plastic to make cake decorating easier
  • Handwash Only