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  • Wine Cooler Summer Wrap BarCraft
  • Wine Cooler Summer Wrap BarCraft

BarCraft Wrap Around Silver Wine Cooler

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Highly versatile silver looking bottle and drinks cooler from BarCraft. Using adjustable Velcro fastenings the sleeve simply wraps around to fit any type and size of bottle, can, or carton to chill it in under five minutes. The BarCraft Wrap Around folds flat for portability and easy storage.

Everyday essentials for the bar at home, BarCraft offers a selection of bar essentials to bring the fun inside your home. Covering wine, cocktails, spirits and so much more, BarCraft is the perfect choice when wanting to relax at home, feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Features & Benefits

  • Handwash only
  • Insulated