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  • Vase Round Silhouette Balvi
  • Vase Round Silhouette Balvi
  • Vase Round Silhouette Balvi

Fancy Vase | Balvi Round Silhouette

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Balvi round shaped fancy vase is a gift that will brighten up any living space and can be gifted to anyone whether it be a partner or loved one.

  • VASE FUNCIONALITY. You can put any kind of flowers in it,  recommended would be with long stems so that it is much nicer to look at.
  • SPECIMEN IS A VASE. The probe is a  glass fancy vase and the metal bracket serves as a clamp. The finish is beautiful and amazing
  • Decorating product. The vase is perfect for anywhere in the house: living room, kitchen or office. It will not go unnoticed
  • A PERFECT GIFT. This decorative vase and its original finish make it a perfect gift for lovers of decorative ornaments, flowers or for friends, valentines and  mother’s day.
  • Dimensions: 19x8x14,5 cm Material: metal/glass