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Audiophony Brick120 Bluetooth Speaker IPX5 20W

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This weatherproof Brick120 from Audiophony is your companion that you can take everywhere with you, it is waterproof (IP5X) and shock-absorbent. The Brick120 could play your music for 10 hours via your smartphone or any Bluetooth® device. You can enjoy the hands-free kit function due the internal microphone.

Technical specifications

• *Easy NFC pairing allowing you any compatible device to communicate with the BRICK120 (smartphones, bluetooth devices…). Put the two devices together (in a 10cm perimeter) and they will automatically communicate. • V4.0 AVRCP Bluetooth® , CSR compression and APT-X working altogether to produce a close-to-digital audio transmission • Wireless range: approximately 10 meters – Class 2 Bluetooth® • Control buttons : ON/OFF, BT volume, Play-pause, previous/next song and a battery indicator • Input : V4.0 Bluetooth® connexion •10 hours+ playtime • Charge the battery in less than 2 hours with the supplied AC • Lithium 3600mAh battery • 2x Neodymium speakers for clear medium/high frequencies + 1 Woofer for good quality basses • Power output 20W • Frequency response 70Hz-18KHz • IP level : IPX5 (weatherproof) • Dimensions : 180x80x80 mm • Weight : 650 g