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The suitcase market is changing. Suitcases are becoming more of a fashionable travel accessory, with contemporary colors, trendy designs and innovative materials increasingly becoming the standard.

A woman looking for a suitcase is hardly interested in the commonly discussed aspects of material, weight or volume. Good to know, but not enough to tempt the female consumer. ‘Is the color or design in line with today’s fashions? Is the suitcase handy and easy to use? Will my clothes come out without wrinkles, are there enough zippers and pockets to neatly stow away all my personal stuff?’ Those are the questions she wants to see answered. ‘Is there a separate compartment for my high heels so that these won’t damage my dresses?’ And also, of course: ‘where do I pack my children’s wet swimsuits, after their very last dip in the pool?

So it’s time to design and develop suitcases from the female perspective. And that’s exactly what they do at SUITSUIT.