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Imperia Pasta Machine

Your Shortcut To Becoming an Overnight Italian Chef Sensation With Friends and Family Beating a Path To Your Kitchen!

What makes this pasta maker the leading one on the market is its classic, simple design, its usability and friendliness and the fact that so many people have discovered that it’s just so easy to make excellent pasta with it. You really cannot go wrong with this baby – just open the box, get the clamp set up, whack in the pasta and you’re good to go with the Imperia pasta machine. This is exactly what makes the Imperia pasta machine such a great buy – whether you’re getting the machine for your own selfish pasta needs or somone else’s!

When the Imperia Company first started out in operation I wasn’t even born. In fact, that’s an understatement – not many people alive today were born because the Imperia has been creating masterwerks of pasta genius from the heart of Italy since 1932.

What makes the company so special is its ability to roll off the production line, time after time, machines that make the most tasty and delicious homemade Imperia pasta that you could imagine.

If God were an Italian then on the first day he made pasta. On the second day he invented the Imperia company so mere mortals like you and I could create perfect pasta ourselves without having to walk to a restaurant to get it. Forza Imperia!