Nedis Smartlife

Smart Home with Nedis Smart Life

LED Bulb Smart Home WiFi HAMA E27  RGB

WIFI Smart Bulbs


LED Bulbs come in different watt ranges. The collection includes RGB, White and Warm white. All these will be connected to your Nedis Smartlife application and will work at your disposal accordingly.

You can select all the possible options such as

  • Control from remotely even away from Home
  • Set timers to switch on and off
  • Change the colours of RGB bulbs
  • Connect with Alexa or Google Assistant.
LED Bulb Smart Home WiFi HAMA E27  White

WIFI Motion Sensors


Sensor does it job as it covers 120 degree coverage within 10m distance. As it detects any motion it promptly notify to the application through an instant notification. Thus providing the agreed support and security. This detects each action through the technology of Automatic action detector of if X and then Y.

It can connect with any other Nedis devices as an alarm for the movement detected, for example lighting a bulb.

Smart Home Switch HAMA EU Plug

WIFI Power Socket


A step advance to you current power socket at home. This comes with WIFI remote control as it can be plugged to the current powersocket  and the power will be controlled by you through the Nedis Smartlife App. 

You will control the power flow from the power socket from the mobile such as Turn on the TV, your lamp. Further you can assign times to the power socket to turn on or turn off making it easier to control.

Nedis Smartlife App

What is best about this massive Nedis upliftment? It doesn’t need a Hub. Everything is controlled by the Smartphone App from Nedis.

It control can control all the devices individually or as a group of devices. The  App is capable of not only controlling but greater requirements.

  •  Setting up timers to function each Device
  • Create and combine control of each device. For example Turn on Lights and TV from the power socket together
  • Notify actions and motions
  • Set up controls with Google Assistance and Alexa.



One of the most important functions of the App is its ability to set up Scenes.

  • For example at the time of you come home, the scenes from the Application can be set to Automatically Switch of Motion Sensors, power on the Air conditioner, Turn on the TV and Lamps.
  • Or if you are in vacation Turn on the lights at each day 8 pm and switch off at 7 am and keep the motion sensors all day on.