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Withings Activité

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Motion is life
Withings Activit© is the new generation Swiss Made watch, combining time and activity tracking.
French craft. Swiss Made.
Designed in Paris, Activit© is manufactured with great care in Switzerland using exclusive watch materials and bears the precious Swiss Made label. Manufactured in Locle, within the Swiss watchmakers valley, the dials come in 2 colors: a sleek black pattern with an orange accent and a glistening white face with a blue accent. Both dials feature a pair of glittering hands.
An unalterable watch case
Protected by a scratch-proof domed sapphire glass, the 5 ATM water-resistant case is made from a stainless 316L alloy steel resilient to time and corrosion.
A fine calf leather strap
The stitched strap with straight cut waxed sides is made in a black or tawny Barenia leather from Haas Tanneries, the supplier of the finest French Haute Couture houses. Its soft grain and high quality promise that Activit© will age beautifully.
Make every move count
Activit© fuels your healthy motivation by tracking all your movements, keeping you informed at all times and supporting your efforts – until you reach your goal.
Optimize your sleep
Whatever you wear to bed, accessorize with Activit©. In the morning you will have a detailed picture of your night. Activit© can also wake you up with a silent vibration alarm.
  • Advanced Sleep Analysis
    Using Activit©™s data, the Health Mate app is able to build an in-depth graph of your sleep patterns and provide you with key sleep quality indicators.
  • Silent Alarm
    Set an alarm in the Health Mate app and Activit© will wake you with a gentle vibration. Forgot for what time you set your alarm? Simply tap twice on the glass: Activit© will spin its hands to show you the alarm time, then return to the current time.
Stop counting laps. Withings Activit© is able to identify and log your swimming workout.
  • 5 ATM water resistant (50 m).
  • Extra silicone watch strap. Easily change straps when you exercise with the quick release spring bars.
  • Swim recognition. Feature will be available by end of April 2015, after a free firmware update.
No need to charge it – no cable, no dock
Activit© works on a CR2025 button cell providing a battery life that exceeds 8 months. When the time does come to replace the battery, simply use the provided tool.
Automatic time zone changes
Activit© is connected to your smartphone and automatically displays the correct time. Should you fly coast to coast or abroad, the watch will instantly adjust to the corresponding time zone.