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Tea Brokers Assortment Box GREEN TEA

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Tea Brokers Organic Green Tea Japan Bancha

The Japanese traditionally drink this tea with their meals, and it is considered a classical everyday tea.

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Tea Brokers China Special Gunpowder “Temple of Heaven”

This Gunpowder, also known as "Zucha" or "pearl tea" is much finer than its predecessor.

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Tea Brokers Flavoured Sencha Tea Lemon

The aromas of brewed green tea and tingling, fresh lemon complement one another perfectly.

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Tea Brokers China Jasmine

The basis for this Chinese specialty is a half-fermented tea to which during drying time fresh jasmine blossoms have been added.

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Tea Brokers Green Tea Green Menthos Flavoured

High-quality, Chinese gunpowder, finest American mint and an intense natural crisped mint flavor combine to a special taste experience.

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