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Play2Run RS 4 Plus Sports Headphone

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The new RS4+ headphones  from Play2Run, very comfortable and lightweight headphones that are made to hear sound through all the elements.
Advantages of the Play2Run RS4+ headphones are  the biggest autonomy of the market while lasting about 16hours!  The most comfortable and lightest fit and they are compatible with MAC OS® and now even beter because of the increased as AAC-compatible. Further these RS4+ headphones feature:
“Advanced Audio Coding”, to offer a better ratio quality / speed.
A new definition audio for HD quality never equaled.
Dynamic frequency response.

The headphone embeds a 4 GB memory which can store about 1,000 songs, and of the course the Play2Run RS4+ is 100% waterproof for optimal use in pool during all swimming exercises. The rigid arch that provides excellent support in all positions is made to be worn by all body form and types.

Ease of use: It is easy  to put the headphone on the ears and the RS4+ does not move during exercise. In addition, you can easily transfer your songs from your library by connecting the RS4 + to your computer without software, just with a “click and move”, you will quickly load your Play2Run headphone with music.
Easy navigation for reading files. You can create a different playlist for each folder for example.
Enable / disable the Smart random playback (shuffle between folders)
Now the headphones benefit through better programming from audio assistance functions messages (battery status, activating random play, play / pause, next / previous directory)

If you press the back-up button, plug it in 5 minutes and go for 1 hour!

Delivered with :
The RS4 + comes in a nice color packaging, with 6 tight endings for swimming, (2 x 6 dry endings in 2 sizes), 3 replacement plugs and a USB charging cable

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
S/N ratio: 85db
Port USB : fast speed USB 2.0
Weight: 22 gram
Audio Output SPL: 100dB max.
Memory: 4GB
Operating environment: -5°C~40°C (41°F~104°F)
File Format: FAT16, FAT32
Music Format: MP3 8Kbps~320Kbps, WMA,32Kbps~192Kbps, WAV, AAC 128Kbps
Distortion: <0,1%
Dimensions 124 x 33 x 150 mm
IP Rating: IPX8
Battery: Lithium 240 mAh
Operating time: 16 heures

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