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Maglite MagCharger LED Rechargeable System 12V/230V

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The MAG CHARGER® LED Flashlight, the flagship of the Maglite Company, has come with a factory LED Module. It produces a maximum output of 680 lumens and an intens 43.667 candela spot beam.
By using a D-sized rechargeable HiMH battery pack , this full sized MagCharger LED has a runtime of 4,5 hours on high output and 16 hours on low output (148 Lumens).
 There are five modes in the settings, which include full power, power save, strobe, SOS, and momentary are organized into user-programmable function sets.
With the familiar “Quick-Click” system users can, within the “General” function set, choose: • Full Power (643 Lumens) • Low Power (148 Lumens) • Eco Mode – Featuring improved recharging efficiency and a super power saving mode that yields up to 66 lumens with greatly extended run-time. The MagCharger LED has three additional function sets Outdoor; Law Enforcement; and Military.  Each of these sets are offering a different set of functions invoked in a different sequence, for quickest access to the functions the particular user prefers. The IMPROVED, faster-handling focus system now adjusts from spot to flood with less than 1/4 turn of the head. Icon_RECHARGEABLE_1c_Red-JPEG
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