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Contest MINICUBE-6TC Compact LED Projector 6x3W TriLED

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Extremely compact, the Minicube-6TCb is primarily a projector for maximum performance.
Equipped with 6 diodes Trichromic 3 Watts, the Minicube provides a powerful light, consistent and strong power colorization .

Perfectly suitable for installation or mobile use, ease of use is assessed as via a DMX controller and through its many programs and internal color.


6 LEDs three RGB colors
LED 3W – 30,000 hours
Beamwidth: 30 °
Digital display with drop down menu to control
AC input plug on IEC
Operating modes: – 2-6 DMX channels – Fixed Colors – Step programs or Fade with speed control – Automatic mode – auto mode with sound sensitivity – Slave Mode (Slave)
Power consumption: 30W
Power Supply: AC 100/240 V – 50/60 Hz
Input and output DMX