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Case Marine Waterproof Cover Samsung S2

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Case Marine For Samsung Galaxy SII With black bumper


Technical Details

  • This case will perfectly protect your smartphone against water, dust, sand, snow and much more
  • Due to the protective skin being ultra thin and made from double layered thermoplastic polyurethane your Smart Phone will keep its style and looks
  • Case Marine waterproof protective case is the only protective skin that is barely visible and that fully encloses the device making in an air- and watertight skin that is 98% transparentÂ
  • Phone and touchpad remain fully functional
  • Case Marne case is the only waterproof skin to have insurance if the smartphone malfunctions
  • Product set includes a pack of 5 pieces of Stickers.

Product Description

Case Marine protects Smart Phones and soon Tablets without attracting attention, keeping the focus on the device itself. Case Marine works efficiently during all indoor and outdoor activities. Phone and touchpad functionality stay fully intact.

Case Marine offers superior price performance and once your product is registered you will be entitled to case Marine unique insurance so if our product fails you won’t be left with a dead phone.

Case Marine is made of ultrathin, double layered thermoplastic polyurethane. It is pulled over your Smart Phone and sealed to be water and airtight on the back side with an elegant premium adhesive tape. The side seam runs on the inside of your skin making it invisible. To ensure premium fit customÂ

Case Marine n are made for different Smart Phone models. This enables protection against salt- and sweet water, dust, sand, snow and much more.Case Marine is fully water repellent. Applied and used correctly customers use it as waterproof. We have customers who have used Case Marine diving (max. 10 meters) deep and while swimming without problems. Obviously using on pool edges and in bathtub etc. is no problem and works.

In order to qualify for our warranty and insurance you must register your Case Marine within 7 days from the date of purchase through an online registration form. Please follow this link to register your product:
Please also get acquainted with the following resources for more information on the warranty conditions: