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  • Cake Boss Chef's Torch
  • Cake Boss Chef's Torch
  • Cake Boss Chef’s Torch

Cake Boss Chef’s Torch

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Get fired up to create special desserts using the Cake Boss™ Countertop Accessories Chef’s Torch.

Cake Boss Countertop Accessories make baking and decorating easy and enjoyable, and this baker’s torch opens up all kinds of possibilities for amazing treats. A chef’s torch is the go-to tool for finishing cr-me brulée and browning meringues. It can also be used to lightly toast marshmallow frosting on chocolate cupcakes or to create a sugar crust on a sponge cake. Designed with a die-cast aluminum body and rubberized handle, this chef’s torch features an adjustable temperature and a fuel level indicator window that lets bakers know when it’s time to refill it with butane. The torch boasts an anti-flare flame and a safety lock, and sits in its own convenient stand when not in use. Complete your Countertop Accessories line with this chef’s torch, along with the other great products in all the Cake Boss collections.

Flame on, with a variety of impressive and delicious desserts finished with the Cake Boss Countertop Accessories Chef’s Torch.