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Bodum Bistro Kitchen Machine 4,7L White

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Whether your decorating style is cool contemporary, country cozy, or eclectic elegant, there is nothing as homey the smell of freshly baked bread or cookies and cakes.
Baking has always been about more than breads and cakes. Its about home, about family and friendship, and about knowing where we belong a nicely old-fashioned sense that things are OK the way they are. And if they are not, lets at least try to make them better by eating cookies! The BISTRO Standmixer takes care of the material part of this equation: by mixing, whisking, kneading, and stirring any kind of batter, cookie dough, cake mix, egg white, or whipping cream your favorite recipe might ask for.
From lighter batters to heavy ones all the mixing magic happens at the push of a button and at six different speeds. The BISTRO Standmixer with its steel mixing bowl will quickly become the staple of your kitchen counter. Its body is made from rubber-sprayed plastic and comes in many beautiful colors. The Standmixer comes with three hooks that are up to any task: a dough hook and a flat bubbler made from aluminum, and an egg beater made from stainless steel. Now, all you need is to come up with is the idea of what to bake next.
More details:
  • Nominal voltage 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Nominal power 700 watts
  • Capacity 4.7 liters / 160 oz
  • Cable Length approx 100 cm/39 inch
  • Certification GS, CE, ETL, CETL