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Audiophony SKILL Midi Player with sound card

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Download, install and play. The Skill is a very complete mixing controller. It combines the power of its built-in sound card with computer performance. Easily control your computer and use the many features that simplify your actions such as the automatic track sync, the video files management, the tone settings, HotCues, sample effects … Ergonomic and powerful: this is what DJs need.  
  • Stereo output via RCA plugs with volume control
  •  Stere mini-jack headphones output with volume control
  • Jack Mic input with volume control
  • Use the SYNC keys for an almost automatic track sequencing
  • 2 jog wheels (Scratch, fast forward, search) with sensitivity settings
  • 2 Pitch faders
  • 2 Volume faders
  • 1 cross-fader
  • 3-way equalizer for each channel
  • 2 Gain control knobs
  • Adjust and listen to the Master/Cue balance via your headphones
  • Use the Track knob to browse through your tracks
  • Use the 17 buttons for a one-touch access to its many functions
  • 19 settings knobs
  • Dimensions : 315 x 208 x 54mm
  • Weight : 1 kg
  • Supplied with a VIRTUALITY SCREEN license.
  • Requires an Internet connection to download the software.
  • Can be USB-operated
  • Mac OSX and Windows XP/Vista/Seven compatible
  • Very comprehensive and user-friendly software
  • Effects, samples, adjustable loops, Smart loops
  • Tracks synchronisation
  • 3-way equalizer with Kill function
  • Key lock, Master tempo
  • Browse through the folders to find the mp3 file you need
  • Automatic updates via the VIRTUAL DJ download center
  • Mac OSX and Windows XP/Vista/Seven compatible