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Welcome to i-rewardshop.com - part of the Incentives Group

Our company started as a complete fulfilment partner for any Reward or Loyalty programme. Through rapid growth we have expanded in various retail categories with a choice of many brands and items. Our distribution centre handles all gifts and shipment for worldwide delivery against fair shipping prices.

And now these products are also available for you! Our shops in different categories feature main quality brands with products that you would love to give, or it will on your wish list for

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any occasion.

Enjoy shopping on our websites and remember that everybody loves a gift!

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We will provide you with gift wrapping, gift cards, greeting cards, laser engraving and many more services to make it the perfect gift.

A gift

Of course you want your gift to be perfect. We will do everything to make it the best experience so you will remember this, this is our gift to you.


Because the volume of our shipments, we have favourable rates for shipping worldwide and we deliver to almost every destination.

Please be aware that local duties or taxes might apply to your order.

B2B Programs

Incentives.lv – Products and ideas that inspire performance

When you’re ready to recognize excellence, reward your loyal customers, members or employees with our products. We offer a wide range of brands and products to motivate and reward your top performers.

Incentives.lv is a leading supplier of brands for rewards & incentives programmes, corporate gifts and home delivery programmes world wide. We support large but also smaller programmes with tailor made solutions.

Our complete fulfilment programs provides you the best service for your clients.

From headphones to kitchenware, all products are engineered to deliver excellent performance with a high perceived value for money. Your employees and customers will appreciate the quality for years to come.

Improve Motivation
Recognize excellence
Reward Loyalty


Instantly drive new sales for your products by getting listed on our platform, apps and social media profiles.

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